Spring Break Recap: Day 1

There was sleeping in.

And then there was speech therapy for Thumper, and Ane finally emerged from her bedroom at *cough* 10:30 *cough* while her brothers had been up and going for quite a while.

Then I had a meeting, and needed to make a shopping run to Costco, while Ane managed to contain her brothers.

Tad had art class, but since it was spring break, it was just an open art time and he just drew Batcaves and Bat-vehicles to his heart’s content.

Once class was over, we went to Elevated Sportz for jump night – which Rerun nearly canceled by vomiting up his entire dinner before we even got started.  He was fine – a victim, yet again, of motion sickness.

Everyone had a good time jumping – Danny and John met us there, along with their mom – and then the kids, knowing it was spring break, begged for a trip to Menchies.  The moms conceded the point.

So far, the kids approve of Spring Break.

Then Ane took off to spend some time with Lina (with a last-minute invitation), so she’ll be away for a day and a half.  The boys and I will carry on without her.

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