Family Day Out, Part 1

We planned a very full Saturday for the kids, and it was so full that I am going to break it up into two posts.  We decided that we were only going to pay for parking ONCE downtown, and do all sorts of fun things in one day.

But that day was going to start very early.  We took advantage of an early admission to the Pacific Science Center for autism families, and enjoyed the laid-back and much quieter atmosphere.  The first stop was the dinosaurs – and I remember when this exhibit was brand new!  In the mid-80’s!  Boy, does it need a face lift.

Why is Thumper not smiling and even cringing?  Because the animatronic allosaurus was facing them.

He was having none of that.  Ane came to his rescue.

Rerun, on the other hand…. “Mom!  Take a picture of me running away, like Jurassic Park!”

We moved on to other fun places, like the music lab.  Here, Thumper enjoyed himself.

However, he was deeply disappointed that I do not have the capability (like Friend does) to play the 20th Century Fox fanfare for him on the piano.

The older boys had fun with an interactive sand table, which had a smart projector shining down on the sand table, and allowed you to design your own watershed.  The tech that allowed for the different elevations was particularly fun.

And then there were bubbles.

But by the time we had made it down to the bubbles, general admission was beginning – and a lot of kids wanted a turn.  So we decamped and went and browsed the gift shop, before enjoying the glorious sunny weather.

And the water cannons.  Because, well, water cannons!

To be continued, tomorrow!

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