Family Day Out, Part 2

Part two of our Saturday…

Back in January, the Webmaster and I bid on tickets to the MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture, formerly the EMP/Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum) and won them.  So, with more than half the family covered, we bought two more tickets and went to the MoPOP for the afternoon.

It was kind of a crazy weekend in there, because there was a new Marvel Comics exhibit opening (one that everyone pays extra to see), but we skipped that, and stuck to the general admission offerings – which included the Star Trek 50th Anniversary exhibit.

As we climbed the stairs, the Star Trek:TNG theme was playing, which is a shortened version of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Main Title, which Thumper loves.  He looked at me and was saying with his eyes, “I’m sold, let’s go!”

And they kept playing all sorts of Star Trek soundtrack clips over the speakers as background music, which Thumper and I really enjoyed.

The costumes and props they had in the exhibit were really great.

There were a few interactive pieces as well.  Tad tried the Borg regeneration chamber.

And Ane, Thumper and I tried out the transporter room.

Tad had been here last spring with his class on a field trip, and was begging to get into the Science Fiction wing to show us the Dalek and the Cyberman that he’d found last time.  So we found them first.

Ane found Gort.  Now she says she needs to see the movie.

We saw lots of fun things, but Thumper was beginning to droop, and wanted to be carried.

Then he actually crashed.

Poor little guy, we totally wiped him out.

I’ll share a few more pictures tomorrow!

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