Playing Cor-ket

Rerun: “Mom, where’s our cor-ket set?”

Me: (pauses, tries to figure out what he is saying) “Do you mean croquet?”

Rerun: “Yeah, that!”

I finally located said set in the old shed, after much searching and some climbing.  Rerun happily set up wickets and pounded a stake with a mallet.

Rerun: (quoting) “‘Cor-ket is a gentleman’s game.'”

Me: “Where did you hear that???”

Rerun: “Calvin and Hobbes.”

My child, making Calvin and Hobbes references over 20 years after the strip came to an end.  What a ham.  And no, he never did pick up on how to say “croquet.”

Between this, and Tad reading the word “bouquet” last week as “bon-queet,” it’s clear that my kids are not meant to speak French.  Right now, they would probably make the B Squad, who are currently living in Canada, die of laughter.

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