Memorial Day 2018

Well, I thought I would have an update on the remodel.  But no.  We are now waiting on the plumber to show up.  Hopefully that is today, because we are kind of at a standstill with the floor.  The pipes must come up!  (I said that in my head like a French pea.)

So we took in a baseball game on Monday.  Because baseball doesn’t play in November, for Veterans Day, there is a lot of Veterans Day mixed into Memorial Day at the ballpark.  However, the moment of silence and the video montage played were quite moving and very important.

And it was a gorgeous day for baseball.

We had fabulous tickets, courtesy of Auntie, and she, JW, Grandma and Gichan all were there as well.  And the Mariners won, 2-1!

And now, back to real life.  House remodel.  Children.  Dentists.  More on that tomorrow….

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