Need A Book, NOW

Rerun decided he wanted a very specific Plants vs. Zombies graphic novel.  He asked me to see how much it was.

I looked up the price on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and then told him.  But he wanted it NOW, and he was willing to pay a little more, rather than wait 2 days for it.

So, we got the money out of his piggy bank, and we went to Barnes & Noble the brick-and-mortar store.

And with his cash in hand, Rerun found and bought his book.  (I did give him my membership card to give him a discount.)

And as soon as the book was his, he wanted to sit and read it.  NOW.

That’s why bookstores have cafes, right?  So Mom can get a coffee while he reads his new book?

I did draw the line at leaving him to read while I went next door to a different store.  Sorry, buddy, you’re not THAT grown-up.

Oh, and the gloves are to keep him from chewing his nails.  It’s a work in progress.

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