New Uppy Downs!

Our Wednesday morning routine during summer camp has been the same for the last two summers for myself and Thumper.  Drop Tad and Rerun off, go to University Village, buy a doughnut at QFC, eat it while riding the “uppy down.”

Well, what do you do when the escalator is broken???

They hadn’t even put the out of order signs up yet when we saw it (they were there when we walked back to the car an hour later).  Poor Thumper.  This was NOT part of his plan for the morning.

Fortunately, I’d gotten a tip from my friend Bean’s Mom, and we went to check out the escalator system in the newer parking garage on the other side of U Village.

As you can see, this met with Thumper’s approval.  We rode it a few times, but the first time we went up, the topmost down escalator was out of order.  This was not a good day to be an uppy down maintenance worker.  Thumper and I rode the elevator down, which was its own special thrill.  But he really does prefer the uppy down.

And then, we walked to Amazon Books, just to see what was inside.

As you can see, it met with Thumper’s approval.

But we did have to stop by the “Holy Grail” uppy down that he rode last week for a few more roundabouts before he was willing to get back in the car.

What an exciting life Thumper leads!

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