The Wonderful World Of Color

I feel the urge to burst into song.  Maybe something like the theme song from “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color,” except made over for this moment.

The walls are a carousel of color…

In the new laundry/mudroom, the walls are now the bright blue shade of Aztec Sky.  (I seriously want the job of whoever gets to name paints and lipsticks.)

In the bonus room, the warm light green shade of Breathe now adorns the walls.

And the hallways are now a fresh white.  And two boys are desperate to get in and see for themselves.  I forbade them from doing more than sticking their heads in, because THIS IS FRESH PAINT.  NO GRUBBY MITTS ON THESE CLEAN WALLS.

The paint now gets to sit over the weekend and thoroughly dry… and maybe even longer, because now we need the electrician to come in and do the finishing work, and…. well, we don’t quite know if he’s going to be available.  Apparently he had surgery recently and he’s not quite back up to speed yet.  So, now we wait.

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