Rerun Sings – Leaving Out Words Edition

Rerun is kind of annoyed, still, that after years of just being able to swap out his LEGO sets whenever he pleases by just going to the garage, selecting a box, and bringing it back out, we had the temerity to do this garage remodel and lock up the LEGO sets in the POD that currently lives in the front yard.

He was in the POD multiple times the other day, doing his regular hemming and hawing, while the rest of us were trying to get things done.  I finally had to tell him he got two exchanges from the POD in one day, and then he was DONE.

So, he finally chose his Angry Birds LEGO sets, and arranged them, quietly singing to himself. He sang “Never Gonna Give You Up,” except… he didn’t quite have all the words in it. Like the word “never.” The song, as he sang it, now went, “I’m gonna give you up, I’m gonna let you down, I’m gonna run around and hurt you…”

When I tried to correct him, I got a “Mom, you’re crazy” look for my troubles.

That wasn’t the look, but this was what he was up to.

I finally gave up, and just laughed til I cried with the Webmaster, who was also laughing hard.  You have to have a sense of humor to live with these kids, and take your laughs where you can find them.

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