Art of the Week – Cultural Inspiration

Tad’s art class is officially back in session!  He once again went to “help” Teacher E out (and I do say “help” loosely, since I’m not sure how much actual help he is) with the younger kids’ class, and then he got to meet his new teacher, Teacher M, and the kids in this class.  There is actually another girl in his grade in this class, but everyone else is younger.  Though one of the younger girls looked at Tad and said, “I know you!  You were at the old art studio!”  Tad told her his name, and she looked him over.  “Yes – you have the same name, the same face…” her eyes landed on his T-shirt, “… you still like Batman…”

While I did hang around to make sure that Tad was acclimating properly to the new teacher and class, he really doesn’t need me there.  I may be able to get away next week, which would be nice.

This week’s lesson was more of a “getting to know you” class, which resulted in some free time.  Teacher M provided some inspirational sheets that the kids could copy or look at – one of which was a Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock picture of a woman and a giant koi carp.

When Tad saw the giant fish, his eyes lit up.  “I could make a Japanese shark!” he exclaimed.

His attempts at Kanji both amuse me and hurt my eyes (because he did manage to copy actual characters amidst the gibberish he wrote down), but the shark’s eyes and the image of him riding it are pretty amazing.

He’s pretty happy to be back in art class.

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  1. Nanna
    October 3rd, 2018 07:14

    Just awesome!