40 and Baseball

Well, the baseball season is officially over for our Mariners, but it was really fun this weekend!  On Friday, my actual birthday, the Mariners had their “Fan Appreciation Night” and put on their last fireworks show of the season.

I told the kids they were doing the fireworks just because it was my 40th birthday.

Even better, my dear friend Elle, and her husband Rick met us at the game!  They had gotten tickets two rows behind us, but because the game was so deserted, they eventually moved to the row in front of us.  Elle was one of my best friends in junior high, and she was one of my bridesmaids.

The game ran LONG (scoring 7 runs in the second inning will do that), but we won 12 to 6!  And the fireworks show was a blast.  Easily one of the best this year (and we saw two others in person).

And while that was the last game of the season for the kids, the Webmaster and I had more fun planned for the next day….

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