Homecoming 2018

Oh, how did she grow up to be old enough to go to homecoming???

Ane went to the game on Friday (a little late – she has a regular babysitting gig on Friday evenings and money > high school football game), and she was all decked out for it.

She actually bought a set of makeup crayons so she could paint her face properly.  There’s dedication for you!

But she was all dressed up for the dance on Saturday.


Ane found this dress at H&M this summer, and wore it to a wedding in July, but it was perfect for homecoming as well.  And I scoped out several other girls’ dresses as their parents posted them on Facebook for homecoming dances (both Ane’s school and other schools), so I was pleased to see that her dress fit right into the crowd (even though I know she wouldn’t have worn it if it didn’t.  Her mother is tragically unfashionable, but she is not).

*sigh*  My little girl is not little any more.

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