Happy Halloween 2018

With Halloween being on a Wednesday – also known as “speech therapy day” around here – we decided to keep as normal a routine as possible, send Tad to his speech therapy appointment, and get ready for Halloween there.  We provided much amusement for Tad’s speech therapist as the kids got costumed up and ready to go.

This year’s theme… Star Wars!  Inspired by my promise to Ane last year that she would have a warmer costume than Wonder Woman, she opted for Princess Leia on Hoth in “The Empire Strikes Back.”  And yes, that is her own hair in the hairdo!

Tad, who had to get a men’s extra-small costume, was a young Obi-wan Kenobi in full Jedi robes.

Rerun wanted to be Luke Skywalker, but as an X-wing pilot.  Totally doable.

Which left Thumper, who refuses to wear a mask, as a cute little Han Solo.

Here was our Star Wars group photo!

Ane and Tad were very comfortable in their costumes – Ane’s was essentially more cosplay than costume, and Tad’s Jedi robes were a great find on Amazon which didn’t break the bank.  Rerun and Thumper can still wear child costumes, but theirs were a little on the “too big” side because sizing these things are always a bit of a pain.  Maybe we can get some more wear out of these costumes in the future?

The one advantage to starting off after speech therapy, was that it allowed us to visit Obachan first thing.

She sort of “got” who they were, but I think she just enjoyed seeing them at her place.  We then headed over to Grandma and Gichan’s, where pizza was waiting for us.  As we learned last year when we put off dinner for too long, one cannot live on candy alone.  After eating dinner, we headed back towards home and trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood.

For as few stops as the kids made, they hauled in plenty of candy (and a little extra loot from grandparents and great-grandparents), and came home very satisfied that they’d had a successful Halloween!

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