Sick Day For Thumper

The first sick day of the school year, and the lucky winner is Thumper.  He spiked a temperature late Sunday afternoon, and by evening, he was a pretty toasty little guy.  I didn’t give him any meds because I wanted him to sleep it off, and thankfully, when he got up in the morning, his fever had broken.

However, because of the 24 hour rule and the fact that he was so tired, I kept him home from school.  He absolutely loved the peace, quiet, and unlimited Star Trek video clips on YouTube.

But I could tell that his normal self was returning when he ate all of his lunch, and then stole an iPad out of my room.

I was glad that I hadn’t canceled ABA for the afternoon, because he was definitely in good spirits and willing to work!

The day off was nice, but he is going back to school!

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