Thumper Sleeps

One of Thumper’s real gifts is his ability to sleep anywhere.

He’s been trying to finish fighting off a cold (the cause of his school absences last week), and he’s been very tired while fighting.

When I arrived on Tuesday afternoon for library time (which I have been “volunteering” for in order to help manage Thumper), his teachers told me that he’d been pretty tired all day.  He was plenty happy to see me, though, and was sort of squirmy and scripting while the class was supposed to be listening to the librarian read.

I was sitting on the bench above Thumper, and he was leaning against my leg.  I suddenly realized that he wasn’t  moving much – and his breathing was very regular.

“Is he asleep?” I whispered to one of the other teachers.

She started laughing.

Who knew Mom’s knee was so comfortable?

He did finally wake up, check out a book, and then took a nap on our way to ABA after picking up Tad.

I guess he needs the rest!

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