Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Hello all!  I gave myself a few days off for vacation.  Anyone still reading this? (Besides my mother – hi, Mom!)

This year for Thanksgiving, we made the drive to the Webmaster’s family get-together.  The kids behaved themselves fairly well (with a fair amount of iPad bribery involved), and the Webmaster enjoyed the time with his cousins.

The weather cooperated on the way down, but rained on the way back, but traffic was surprisingly light both ways and we made good time.

We then hosted our own little Thanksgiving with Ane’s friend KT, to introduce her to an American Thanksgiving meal.

KT said she liked the turkey and the corn pudding the best.  Ane made her try the bacon brussels sprouts and the pear cranberry sauce.  Thumper is getting SO much better about eating foods that aren’t necessarily his favorite things – have we turned a corner?  I hope so!

The best part about making your own turkey is the leftovers, which we have been enjoying a lot.  Ane has dreams of turkey casserole this week.

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