O Christmas Tree 2018

Here is our tree, in all its decorated glory.

Each kid got their new ornament to hang on the tree (though Thumper could not even pretend to care about hanging ornaments in the least) as their first gift of the Christmas season.

Ane got the next ornament in the Hallmark cupcake series:

Tad got the LEGO Joker to go with his LEGO Batman… and he promptly set up a chase scene on the tree.

Rerun got R2-D2 and Porgs from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

And Thumper got Chip and Dale – who he does know and like… he just doesn’t “get” tree decorating.

And I got this very special ornament, made by Gichan, with a souvenir pin that I picked up during our trip to Hawaii.

The kids have so many ornaments between them now, I might have to switch out the storage boxes and let them have the bigger one…

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