Christmas Partying Begins!

It’s almost a tradition now – the first Christmas party/present opening is at Uncle Buddy and Auntie J’s house.  This means dinner, white elephant bingo, and presents for the kids.

The kids almost look forward to the white elephant bingo more than getting any presents.  IT’S ABOUT WINNING.

Last year, Rerun (unmedicated) was a wreck during bingo because he didn’t win.

This year, Rerun (medicated) won the first two rounds, which definitely lightened the mood a lot.  Not that he didn’t have a tantrum later (which Auntie deftly handled because third grade boy was not going to pull that in front of a third grade teacher who happens to be his aunt), but compared to last year?  Massive improvement.  Thumper continues to not care about bingo, and spent that time playing on the iPad instead.  My own bingo card was a winner this year – so many times, in fact, that I swapped it with Auntie J during the game.  She eventually won with it!

And the kids did get to open presents from their great-aunts and great-uncles afterward.

So far, Thumper is still meh on the concept of opening presents.  He was just plotting on how to sneak more cookies.

Everyone had a great time, dinner was fantastic, and Rerun has already built his Tron LEGO set.

I’d say that was a successful kickoff to the Christmas party season!

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