Thumper The Fudge Ninja

I came home yesterday from taking Tad to speech therapy (and Rerun was with me as well), and found this on the kitchen table.

That is the container that held the fudge.  Empty.

There had to have been at least a dozen-plus pieces in it.  All gone.

The only people in the house?  Ane and Thumper.

The only one who wouldn’t think to hide the evidence?  Thumper.

While we all stood there in shock, Tad went straight to enraged. “I love fudge!  WHY DID HE EAT ALL THE FUDGE??”

In order to save Thumper’s neck, I had to promise Tad that I would make another batch of fudge.

Thumper paid for his gluttony with an extended bathroom visit later.  I’m sure he would say it was worth it.

The fudge ninja will rise again.

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