My New Year’s Resolution

Did you make one?  After years of trying, I finally gave up on making and keeping resolutions…. oh, probably about the time that Rerun was born.  I still set goals for certain things to happen – like potty-training a child, for example – but so many of those things now happen under the watchful eye of therapists.  I have a large group of professionals helping with all sorts of things.  It’s great!

But as far as resolutions for me, that fell by the wayside.  It is true – the biggest jump isn’t going from one kid to two kids, it’s going from two kids to three kids.  Why?  You lose your man-to-man defensive strategy.

Anyway, this year, I did decide to make a resolution.  I mentioned it to the Webmaster and he thought it sounded good.  (Then I brought it up two days later and he couldn’t remember the conversation, so make of that what you will.)

My resolution: to have more people over for dinner.

I am increasingly feeling the need to actually socially interact with people, rather than just chat at them online.  I am also aware that this house gets a little tidier in preparation for company.  I also know that we’re never going to be uncluttered, totally organized, tidy, or anything like that.  If we’re going to wait for a perfectly tidy house in order to invite company, then we will never see anyone outside of family, or Friend and Doc (who are used to our clutter, and we to theirs, after – holy cow, we are coming up on nearly two decades of dinners together).  I refuse to let perfect become the enemy of good.  If the floor is clean and the dishes are clean, and there is hot food, please excuse the detritus of life that comes with a family of six.

So I extended our first invitation yesterday, and hopefully we find a day that works soon.  *fingers crossed*

Let’s see how this goes – and if Tad can remember to chew with his mouth closed.

One Response to “My New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Nanna
    January 21st, 2019 20:35

    Great resolution! We meet people for lunch or dinner out, but there is something about being in a home. And I must say you are quite the cook 🙂