Dead Battery and Other Problems

There is definitely another snow storm on the horizon, but today was the calm before the storm.  At least, it was supposed to be.  I got all the kids on their buses, and then… the minivan would not start.  We’d had this problem on Sunday as well.  I jumped it, and kept it running for a while, stopping at the post office, the library, and Trader Joe’s before finally driving over to our repair shop so they could take a look at the battery issue.

It was at Trader Joe’s that I got my first taste of crazy.  Costco had not been that bad the night before.  But all the lanes were open at Trader Joe’s, and the lines were backed up down each aisle.

I managed to make it through (mildly horrified at the panic), and stopped at our repair shop.  But when they told me they would need the car for a full hour, I had to say that I couldn’t stay, because Rerun had an appointment and I had to pick him up from school in 45 minutes.  So I hopped back in the minivan, which DID NOT START.



I went back inside, handed them the keys, and called Gichan.  And then I said the magic words that I hadn’t said in this order since I was a teenager:

“Dad, I need to borrow your car.”

I picked up Rerun from school, got him to his appointment, then drove back to my parents’ house, and then Grandma gave me a lift to pick up the minivan.  The battery was deader than a doornail, so we got a new one.

While the boys were at swimming, we got a phone call from the school district – early dismissal for school on Friday.  Oh joy.

At least they won’t have to make it up in June.

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