You Can’t Buy More Time

With all the school days that we missed, the school district has been trying to figure out how to get kids out of school before July.

The end result is going to be messy, kids.

Starting next Monday, school is going to start 10 minutes earlier (which means buses will pick up 10 minutes earlier), and all the Wednesday early release days are canceled.  The district is asking for a waiver for 5 missed days, but we have to make up the instructional time.

I’m trying to figure out how this works for Ane and Tad at the high school and middle school level.  Will each class get an additional 90 seconds of time a day??

I mean, I fully agree with trying to get out before July (I did that once as a second grader, thanks to a teacher strike.  It was not fun having the last day of school be July 5th), and even though losing the time buffer than the Wednesday early release gave us does stink, we can make it work.

Still scratching my head about those extra 10 minutes, though.

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