Pizza Party!

We did the whole “invite the entire class to your birthday party” last year with mixed results.  Rerun loved being the center of attention, and he enjoyed every second of it, but I was less enamored with the chaos, the RSVP issues, and the expense.

So we split the difference this year and I asked his teacher if he could bring in pizza for the entire class on his birthday.  Fortunately, no one has allergies, so she gave it a thumbs up!

I brought in three Costco Food Court pizzas (2 cheese, 1 pepperoni) and they were wiped out by 22 3rd graders.  Actually, I think there were a couple of absences, so maybe only 20 kids.  Still, have you seen how much 8 and 9 year olds can eat???

Rerun also opted for a treat, so I made a giant cookie.  This impressed the class.

I came home and said to the Webmaster and Ane, “I AM NOW A LEGEND AMONG THIRD GRADERS.  Stories will be told about this day, when Rerun’s mom brought in pizza and juice boxes and made a giant cookie for his birthday.  SONGS WERE SUNG.”

No, really, they were.  After singing Happy Birthday to Rerun, one of the boys in the class grabbed the class mic and sang “Happy Thank You to You” in my honor. *takes bow*

Third graders are cheaply bought, I’ll tell you.

But Rerun was on cloud nine the second I walked in the door, and that’s all that matters.  He said it was the most awesome birthday lunch ever.

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