Outside With Sticks

Sort of.

Rerun was outside playing with bubbles on the back porch, and Thumper went outside to join him.  Next thing I knew, Thumper was carefully setting up the leftover logs that we had carted up from the woodpile in rows.  There were two different spots Thumper was working in.

Once he had them set up, Rerun came over.

And then Rerun kicked them over, much to Thumper’s delight.

And then Thumper set it all up again.  I have no idea how long this lasted, but by the time I was getting pictures, they had a well-established routine.

It was nice to see them create their own little game with each other.  Even better – Ane and Tad were out riding bikes, and they took a ride around the block together by themselves.  It was the first time Tad had ridden his bike out of our cul-de-sac, and I was glad that Ane was willing to take him along.

It’s nice to see the two teenagers cooperate and have fun together, too.

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