Goodbyes are hard.

Thumper’s speech therapist J. – who has been a good friend to us for years, before and after she got married – is moving away.  Her husband A. got a promotion and that means that they are relocating.

So, not only are we losing friends (and their three kids), but Thumper needs to find a new SLP.

Fortunately, Tad’s SLP (who had previously worked with J.) and I started talking as soon as I got the news.  And thankfully, she has had a slot open up in her schedule on the same day that Tad sees her!  It will make for a late evening, but we will make it work.  Speech therapy is still an essential part of both boys’ therapy, and it will be nice to have it all in one place.

It’s still hard to see J. and A. move away again, though.

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