Race Season Begins

It’s a well-known fact that while you can run all year round, here in the Pacific Northwest you can really only run outside between late March and late September.

Which means that the first 5K of the year that we usually participate in is the Run2Pieces at the end of March, which supports the Autism Center.

This year, the Webmaster, Ane, and Tad were all signed up to “run” it (the Webmaster is not allowed to do street running per his orthopedic surgeon, and Tad runs in fits and starts), but the Webmaster badly tweaked his knee earlier in the week, so he opted to sit it out.  Ane, who is actively running in PE class (and also taking yoga this semester), is already in fine running shape, so she was planning on making some good time.

Ane finished the race in 33:13 – not her best time, but definitely good for the beginning of the racing season.

Tad got lost (this is what happens when he doesn’t have someone to run/walk with and we told him to follow the crowd).  A group of ten runners or so missed the final turn to the finish line.  When we wondered about Tad, Ane went looking for him, and found him with the missing group.  We were laughing about it with one of the race’s sponsors.  Maybe next year, they need cones to block it off!

Tad finished the race at 53:03, thanks to that detour.

Fortunately, the weather held out (unlike last year when it was freezing and there was some light snow on the ground) and a good time was had by all!  Rerun and Thumper played on the playground while we waited for their siblings to finish the race.  Thumper was perfectly happy swinging (with me pushing him) for a solid half hour.

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