Shopping With Rerun

Well, I’ll say this…. life with Rerun is never boring.

We had gone shoe shopping for Tad (after discovering that he walked/ran a 5K in a pair of shoes that had HOLES worn through the soles), and worked very hard on convincing him that new shoes were not a cause for tears.  The salesguy was incredibly patient with the whole process, and we got a pair of elastic laces for Tad which enables him to wear “regular” tennis shoes.

But leave it to Rerun to provide the comic relief while his brother was trying not to have a meltdown.  “Mom, look!  You can’t see me!  I’m a statue!”

According to the Webmaster (because I didn’t see it), the store was incredibly quiet and the staff who wasn’t working with a customer (only us plus one other family) was busting a gut behind the cash register.

What a kid.

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