Spring Break, Part 2

Why oh why do teachers assign homework over spring break?  It has been like pulling teeth to get the boys to do any of their work.

Thumper doesn’t have homework, of course, but Rerun has a math packet of worksheets that he has to complete, and Tad has a history project that is a combination of art and writing.  You can well imagine that one assignment went over better than the other.

I am piecemealing out the math pages to Rerun, and Tad’s project is done.  He had to write a postcard from the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition that was held on the University of Washington campus in 1906.  While I tried to make the material engaging (particularly because we do spend time on campus and Tad is familiar with some of the landmarks), history is not where his academic strengths lie.  He did do a fabulous job drawing a picture for the postcard front, though.

Ane has to read the first couple chapters of “Great Expectations” while on break.  Since I have read that particular novel, I feel her pain.

But don’t think Thumper is totally off the hook – he has his regular ABA sessions, which are a lot of work for him.

Maybe Tad was right about that “relaxing vacation”….

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