Spring Break, Part 3 – Baseball!

What is more fun than a baseball game over spring break?  Not much!

Unfortunately, the Mariners were traveling and didn’t get back until Friday, so we really didn’t get to take advantage of spring break to go to a midweek game.  Oh well.

It was our first game of the season, though, and we kicked it off by arriving super early (in hopes of getting in on the hoodie giveaway – we got some, but only in adult medium size) and just having fun walking around, playing, and seeing the Moose.

Thumper actually did well with the Moose – gave him a high-five and didn’t act like he was scared.  He is usually more shy and introverted anyway, but since he hadn’t interacted with the Moose (or anyone dressed up who couldn’t talk to him) for a while, it was good to see that he didn’t react badly.  The other boys were thrilled.

It was a chilly night, but we dressed in layers, and came prepared.

Thumper did wear his noise-cancelling headphones for most of the game.  He can tolerate everything but the fireworks without them (he has issues with the sound of fireworks exploding, though he loves looking at them), but he loves these headphones, they help him filter sound (and I think wearing them helps him in a sensory need), and they kept his ears warm on a colder night.

Unfortunately, the Mariners didn’t hold up their end of the deal and win, much to the annoyance of the kids, who have been watching them win on TV.

Oh, well.  Next game!

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