Thumper Speaks, And It Was Brutal

Auntie is coaching JV softball again this year, and her team lost to Ane’s high school in extra innings tonight.  Let’s just say that Auntie was rather disgruntled when she got home.  But since it was post-swimming, we were all there eating dinner.

Thumper was wandering through the house when Auntie stopped him.

”Thumper, come here, I need someone to cuddle with after this game,” Auntie coaxed him.

Thumper, who was carrying an iPad, looked up at her. “No.”

He walked away, and we all cracked up – except Auntie.

”I’ve been rejected!  By a nonverbal child!  That hurts, Thumper!”

It was brutal, but it was pretty darn funny.  The kid’s timing was dead on perfect.

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