Ane Takes A Sick Day

Yesterday was not a great day for the Webmaster.  I had a doctor’s appointment, so he was seeing the kids off to school.  His day got derailed just before I left.  Ane called my cell phone.

“Mom, I’m in the nurse’s office and she’s sending me home.  I have a fever.”

The fun part about that was that 1) that means two days out of school, because you have to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning, and 2) the Webmaster couldn’t pick her up for another hour because the little boys were still waiting for their buses.

And then Rerun had to take a potty run, and missed his bus.

As I’m driving to my appointment, I get a ranting phone call from the Webmaster, asking “WHAT DO I DO NOW???”

Me: “Um, drop him off at his school on your way to pick up Ane.  Once Thumper gets on his bus, you have about 20 minutes before Rerun’s school starts.”

The joys of having the all the kids at different schools.

Eventually, Ane got out of school, got checked out at the doctor’s office, and was sent home to rest.

Today, she’s enjoying the peace and quiet, watching The Seven Samurai for Japanese class, and eating ramen for her still-sore throat.

Tomorrow, she goes back to school.  She’s already had Lina FaceTime her from English class, but she knows she’s going to have some catching up to do.

One Response to “Ane Takes A Sick Day”

  1. Nanna
    May 2nd, 2019 07:33

    We don’t know how you do it all!! Hope she is all better now….