CanDo It!

The CanDo 5K has become a particularly fun one for the family.  First of all, it’s close by.  Second, Danny and his family run it as well.  Third, because it is so special-needs oriented, it draws a lot of support from the school district – including lots of teachers that we know.  So it makes for a very fun event!

This year, Ane, Tad, the Webmaster, Auntie and JW all ran, while Rerun, Thumper and I stood on the sidelines to cheer.  Danny and his parents were also there.  Danny is a serious runner and didn’t want to lag behind, but his dad very kindly ran with Tad, while Danny’s mom and the Webmaster set their own walking pace (they each have a bad knee and running is no longer in the cards for them).

Our family team winner was JW (big surprise), with Auntie and Ane not too far behind him.  Once the Webmaster crossed the finish line, we took a group picture.

And we made sure to get a best buddies picture.

And we had great weather for it this year!  It was clear and chilly, but it wasn’t raining!

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