Folding Origami

Last week, I showed up in Auntie’s class on a different day than I usually do.  This is my second year volunteering in her classroom, and for the second time, I taught the class how to fold an origami paper crane.

Teaching 21 third graders how to fold origami is not the easiest thing in the world, but it isn’t the hardest, either.  Auntie bought some large origami paper – I think she found a 9″x9″ pack, which is pretty large – which makes folding it easier for the kids.

After we were done, the cranes were hung by yarn strings on the ceiling, which is where they will stay until near to the end of the school year.

This week, when I came in, I brought some 3″x3″ paper.  It wasn’t easy to find, with most of my craft stuff still packed up, but I found it.  I had made a tiny crane out of a 3″x3″ piece that Auntie had cut out for me from a bigger piece, and showed the kids that they could repeat all the steps, just on a smaller scale.  Guess who wanted the tiny crane?  ALL the kids wanted the tiny crane.

So I folded 21 tiny cranes and handed them out to the class.  And everyone lived mostly happily ever after.  Ish.

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