When The Game Stinks

Just like last year, Rerun’s school PTA bought a block of Mariners tickets – and of course, we decided we had to go.  The game was last Saturday, and for the first time in a loooooong time, Friend and Doc and the boys came with us!

It was also a bobblehead night, and Rerun is allllll about the swag.  He got to add a rookie Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead to his collection.

Unfortunately, the game was a blowout almost from the first inning.  Which was a shame.  Not that the kids minded too much – we had brought enough food and snacks to keep them occupied for several innings.

Plus, Rerun and Thumper went for a long walk and hung out with the King Felix Funko Pop statue.

We stayed for the entire disaster show – all nine innings (loyal or stupid? You decide), which was highlighted by getting to see our backup catcher pitch in the 9th inning.  And he did better than the other pitchers in the actual bullpen.

Sadly, after a blisteringly hot and crazy start, the team is proving that yes, they are in a rebuilding year, please check in with us later, team under construction.

Does this mean better and cheaper seats this summer for crazy people like us?

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