Memorial Day 2019

Have I ever mentioned that we live within easy walking distance of a cemetery?  Our neighborhood is filled with mostly older homes, though we’ve had our share of new construction over the years.  But the cemetery definitely makes for a stabilizing and quiet influence.

After 16 years in this house, I decided that it would be nice to walk over to the cemetery for their Memorial Day service instead of driving in to Seattle.

Ane and I walked over in plenty of time, but the service was taking place quite far back.  A helpful cemetery employee offered to give us a lift in one of their golf carts so we would be on time.  That was both helpful and fun!

The memorial service was smaller, and yet more meaningful because of its intimacy.  It was put on as a joint effort by the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Of America and the cemetery management.

The veterans memorial, which I had never seen before, was the backdrop for the service.

I really enjoyed how simply and beautifully done the service was, and next year I will send the Webmaster with Ane, and maybe Tad.  We will have to take turns while the little boys are still too young to appreciate the meaning of a Memorial Day service.  But I am grateful this one is so close by.


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