Thumper’s First Field Trip!

Today was the kindergarten field trip at Thumper’s school – and I got to go along as a chaperone!  Imagine two busloads full of wiggly kindergarteners, along with lots of parents, patient teachers, and a farm full of fun things to do.

That’s the name.  The place in Snohomish is literally called “The Farm.”  It’s a very popular destination during fall for a corn maze and picking pumpkins and getting apple cider, but they also do school field trips that are pretty fun for little kids.

The kindergarten classes got to go on a hayride, plant pumpkin seeds (aha, free child labor for the fall harvest season), pet sheep and newly-hatched chicks, go down a big slide (on burlap sacks for extra speed), and bounce on “the blob.”

“The blob” is an inflated, mounded trampoline.  The kids just loved it.  Thumper was a little confused at the beginning, because he’s used to flat trampolines.  This was something new for our jumper.  First, he just leaned against the side with his whole body.

As the other kids jumped, he got a ton of sensory feedback.  He was really enjoying it, but I wanted to get him up on it, and have him bounce.  I finally convinced him to scramble on up.  I thought he would start jumping with the other kids.

Thumper had other ideas.  He sat down on top, letting his body absorb the motion.  He was a happy picture of zen amidst the jumping frenzy.

I love this picture because he looks like he is levitating.  Gichan saw it and said, “Hey, he’s Doctor Strange!”

The field trip was a huge success, and Thumper had such a good time that he fell asleep on the bus on the way back to school.  No surprise there!

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