Best Game And Show

If you haven’t been following the Mariners this season, well…. it’s been rough.  This was billed as a “rebuilding year,” but the team got off to an insanely hot start.  Then it all came crashing down.

So, are we still going to the games?  Yes.  Are we hoping they will win?  Yes.  Are we really going for the swag and the fireworks shows?  Pretty much.

It was Star Wars night at the park on Friday evening, which meant… people in costume!

And it meant Thumper’s favorite music being played at the ballpark, which is a huge plus.

And this year, we had a fireworks show set to that music!

Thumper wore his noise-canceling headphones, which let him enjoy the lights without the booms.  I’m convinced that Thumper’s hearing is extraordinarily sharp and sensitive.  I think he hears too many things, which is why he enjoys the noise-canceling headphones.  It allows him to filter out the sounds he doesn’t like, and focus more on the things he wants to hear.  With the headphones on, the fireworks were no problem for him, and the music was plenty loud enough for him to hear it and recognize it.

AND… the Mariners won the game, so THAT was an even bigger deal, since it was the first win we’ve seen in person this season!

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