Presenting Galileo!

And Rerun’s Galileo biography bottle is done and off to school a day early!  (It’s due tomorrow.)

We got to the point where Rerun was saying “yes, Mom, whatever” while I was waving felt and the hot-glue gun around.  He did less work than he should have on the body, but he did insist on the collar – and then left me to figure out how to make it work.

But Galileo is done, he’s holding a telescope (a paper tube, rolled in black cardstock, with saran wrap over each end to simulate glass – and thank you to Tad for donating two of your braces’ rubber bands to the project) which is glued into his hands.  I helped Rerun secure him on the bus this morning, and I confirmed when I picked Rerun up this afternoon that Galileo had indeed made it to school intact.

The presentations will be in a couple weeks, just before school gets out.

Which leaves me thinking only one more thing…

Thumper is going to end up doing a report on John Williams someday, I just know it.

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