Thumper Reads!

Thumper is what I call “functionally nonverbal,” which is a term I use for him.¬† It means that he can respond to questions verbally, and it has gotten clearer and easier, but it takes a lot of work because speaking is not a default function for him.

But Thumper can read.

He just started sight-reading out of the clear blue when he was four, and between sight words, books he has memorized on the iPad, and lots of repetition, Thumper really can read.  Not fluidly, but he can read most every word in an age-appropriate book.

The catch is finding a book that we don’t have on the iPad for him to read, because he’s memorized them all.

So, I had him read “Go Dog, Go!” to me yesterday to earn some iPad time (hey, his brothers have to have all their homework done before they get any Xbox time), and he knocked it out of the park.

Now, if he can only turn that brainpower into constructing complete sentences in speech…

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