Stinkin’ Hot

Well, we made it through the heat wave that gripped the area over the last couple of days.  It got over 90 degrees yesterday!

The Webmaster brought our stand-up air conditioner into the house, but we didn’t get it set up before the cooling down began.

We are prepared for summer with a supply of sunscreen and I just ordered a sun hat for Thumper.  While his brothers turn brown, he freckles like his sister.  He is going to need a good hat, especially because he really loathes sunscreen and tries to wipe it off when I put it on him.  (I still win those battles.)

I don’t mind a really hot day… unless it doesn’t cool down at night.  THOSE are the days that are the toughest.  But the kids can smell summer in the air, and it’s only adding to their end-of-the-school-year fever.

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