Blue Suede Shoes

Ane wanted a pair of Vans shoes.  She didn’t care about style or color or any of that – she wanted a name brand on her feet.  Even a talk with Auntie and me calling her “Madame Blueberry” didn’t deter her.

What was deterring her was the price.  Vans are not a cheap shoe.  And I told her straight up that she has plenty of shoes (SHE DOES, and they are ALL OVER THE HOUSE), so if she wanted a pair, it was on her dime after she paid her bills.

However, I also know where a good bargain can be found.  So we hit up Nordstrom Rack, home of name brands and random bargains.

Lo and behold, there were Vans.  After ascertaining her correct size, she fell in love with a very affordable pair of teal suede lace-up sneakers.

At least her feet have stopped growing, so she will be able to wear these shoes for a long, long time.  And they really were a good price, so I can’t give her too hard of a time about it.

*sigh* Teenagers.

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