Thumper’s Escalator Adventures

It’s summertime, and with Rerun at camp, Thumper knows that he’s going to get some quality escalator time.

With time to waste before his therapy sessions start, once Rerun is off to camp, Thumper is eager to spend time going on the “uppy-down.”  We have a few favorite spots at U Village nearby, both covered and uncovered, indoor and outdoor.  This funny bunny boy would ride escalators for hours if I would let him.

I’m sure that we are getting weird looks from most people, but hey, Thumper doesn’t care and he’s happy.  Which means it’s a cheap and easy fun time.

One Response to “Thumper’s Escalator Adventures”

  1. Nana
    July 9th, 2019 07:39

    Yea Thumper & uppy-downs! Yea Mom!