Tad And Thumper Take On The Zoo

It was a weird day.  Thumper had no therapy session scheduled, but Rerun had camp.  So I decided it would be the perfect day to take the biggest boy and the littlest boy to the zoo.

There is just something indefinably adorable about this picture.

We did a lot of walking around – it was a chilly and wet day – and we made sure to find dry spots to see some of our favorite animals.  The boys were in good moods and kept up pretty well until lunchtime.

Thumper really wanted to ride the carousel.  Tad was kind of stunned that he was being so insistent, but we had a couple of free rides left.  So we used them.

Up and down, round and round – this might just be better than an escalator in Thumper’s mind!

Don’t let Tad’s face fool you – he was busy making faces at himself in the mirrors as we went around and around.  He enjoyed it in his own way just as much as his brother did.

And with all the walking, and then speech therapy after picking Rerun up, I wore Thumper out.

I hope he dreamed of the carousel.

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