Hello, Hardwood Floor

The home improvement/remodeling saga continues.

Grandma and Gichan came over on the Fourth to work with me, while the Webmaster and Ane were volunteering at the city parade (and the boys were distracted by the Xbox and iPads).  The goal: remove the carpet from the old master bedroom, and assess the condition of the hardwood floor beneath.

There is now a lot of carpet waiting to be thrown out.  The hardwood was sticky with some kind of stuff under the carpet pad, but it came up with a little elbow grease and orange cleaner in water.

So, with all the carpet out of the room (save a little patch in the closet), the floor now looks like this:

The paint splatters are from when the floor was uncovered while the room was painted originally.  Back then, they didn’t care that they were dripping on good hardwood, because they were just going to throw wall-to-wall carpet over the floor anyway.  Now, we need to decide if we will restore the floor the way we did in the other bedrooms, or if we will put carpet on top again.

I think we are heavily leaning toward sanding and refinishing the floor.  Still so much to do and think about….

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