Thumper Reads

It can be difficult to find new books for Thumper to read sometimes.  But sometimes I get really lucky.  While shopping with Thumper at the Amazon bookstore, we found two brand-new releases that we just had to have.

First, a Little Golden Star Trek book???  NO WAY.  MUST BUY.

It’s a kids’ adaptation of the classic Original Series show “The Trouble With Tribbles,” and Thumper was quite happy with the find.

But he might have been even happier with this book.

Thumper really loves the Pigeon books (and most Mo Willems books), and when a new one comes out, it is very exciting!  Thumper gives “The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!” his seal of approval!  (So do I – it’s a very funny and cute story.)

And yes, Thumper can actually read the Pigeon book – his reading aloud skills have greatly improved over the last couple of months.

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