Tad’s Braces Come Off!

Now you see them…

… now you don’t!

Tad has been counting down the days to getting his braces off ever since the orthodontist told him a few months ago that he could likely get them off after school got out for summer vacation.  Well, I took him to that appointment when he got the thumbs-up to schedule the removal… which he was NOT happy that he would have to wait to do.  The Webmaster took him today for the actual removal.  The brackets came off, the teeth were cleaned, and he had impressions done for his Invisalign retainer.  He has to wear the Invisalign for the first 48 hours (except for meals), then every night afterward.

That second picture isn’t a normal smile, but it’s what you get when you ask Tad if you can see his teeth.  What a goof.  But he’s a happy goof.

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