Meeting Baby Bee

Auntie’s best friend JZ (the best photographer EVER, too) and her husband had a baby girl in June, and we finally got to meet Baby Bee yesterday!

Actually, Ane missed out (too bad for her, because she missed out on some sweet baby time), but the boys got to meet her.  Tad was not excited (babies are all the same to him, and a crying baby is a straight up nope); Thumper looked at her and said, “baby,” and then walked on by.

But Rerun, who ADORES babies, was thrilled to hold Baby Bee.

We did give her to Rerun to hold once she had dropped off to sleep – she had been fussy – and my phone is above her head.  Baby Bee is all about the white noise, especially for water sounds, so I pulled out the Calm app and she was listening to falling rain.  Her mother downloaded the app (which is free) while Rerun was cuddling her.  And while she was sleeping, he did not want to give her up!

For such a hyperactive kid, he really does have the ability to sit still if baby cuddles are involved!

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