Room For Improvement

Moving right along on the Great Room Swap of 2019…

After we took out the baseboard heater, we discovered that we needed a slightly different configuration of forced-air heater than we had previously purchased, if you will recall.  Well, new heater finally got shipped to the store, the Webmaster picked it up, and Great-Grandpa was back in town and available to lend a hand.

Ta-da!  New heater installed!

And then Auntie – our personal interior decorator – started pushing us to get paint samples so we can get started on the projects.  By the time we had made two visits to Home Depot, the wall was starting to look like modern art.

This was mostly because Ane had a little too much fun painting, and did multiple squares of her colors on the same wall that I was sampling on for the little boys.

Guess we’ll have to cover this spot with primer before we paint for real…

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