Edgar Funko Pop and Apollo 11

Yeah, those aren’t two things that would traditionally go together, are they?  But I’ll explain…

Saturday, we went to the Mariners game.  We picked this one because the giveaway was an Edgar Martinez Funko Pop, and Rerun asked if we could go.  Edgar is his favorite player, and ever since we went to the first game where Funko Pops were the giveaway (the first “special edition” one was the King Felix Funko Pop), Rerun has been a collector.  So of course we had to add an Edgar to the collection.

It was also the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon, and in conjunction with the Smithsonian, 15 MLB ballparks have specially made, 3D rendered replica statues of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.  T-Mobile Park is lucky enough to be one of the 15 ballparks, and Rerun was thrilled to get to pose with the statue.  Because it’s a replica, you can touch it – and Rerun held Armstrong’s hand.

So, even though the Mariners lost the game, we came away with good memories of a beautiful summer’s evening at the ballpark, a Funko Pop to add to Rerun’s collection, and a special rememberance of Apollo 11.

And happy birthday to Ressis!  Hope it was a fun one!

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