Baseball Bedroom

Can you see it now?

That would be an outfield wall, complete with foul poles, painted on the walls of the bedroom.  The rest of the room is the same blue as is painted above the outfield wall.  We’ll be decorating it up to be a really fun baseball room for Rerun and Thumper, who will be moving in here and sharing the bunk bed.

And just look at that floor!  Gichan is cleaning it and sanding it, and will apply a protective sealer to it at the end.

Rerun is getting really excited about the new digs, plus getting to be on the top bunk!  Thumper will enjoy sleeping in a twin-sized bed, since he is right on the verge of outgrowing the toddler bed.  Depending on how long the floor takes, they might be able to move in sometime next week…

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